Texas Refinery Coatings

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Product Code #3081

Dry Mil Thickness:

10.7 mils at one gallon per 75 sq. ft.


Drying Time:

12 hours


60 - 80 sq. ft. per gallon

Storage Stability:

Keep from freezing. Stirring may be necessary before application.

Clean Up:

Use clean water before emulsion dries. If dried, cleaning with solvent is necessary.


Brush, Spray or Squeegee. Do not apply if rain is expected. Spread thinly and evenly. Puddling will cause tracking.



Physical Requirements:

Weight, lbs. per gallon

10.17 lbs./gallon


Solids Content, % by Wt.

48.5? 2%

Flash Point, ?F.

None at boiling (212?F.)


7 - 8

Handling Information: For safe handling of the product, read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).