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Who is Texas Refinery Corporation?

The various plants of Texas  Refinery Corp. manufacture over 250  quality products that have  been researched and developed to meet specific needs of customers all over the world TRC, Protective Coatings are second to none for roof repair, new roof construction, parking lot maintenance and other building maintenance projects.


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QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXYDENE COATING is a unique asphalt coating. It took many years of research to produce this Product that withstands the constant attack of rust and corrosion on metal. It was primarily developed to protect outdoor metal surfaces under normal conditions. Tests show, however, it has good resistance to moisture, acid fumes, salt air, and silage acid. Recommended for coastal areas and industrial sites everywhere. Also for use inside concrete silos to protect from damage due to silage acid attack. TRC metal and concrete coatings are excellent ,protective coatings for building maintenance

The same scientific research that developed the ceramic tiles to protect the space shuttle from heat build-up was used in the development of TRC's C.E.S. COATING. Using ceramic beads to form a thermal barrier which reduces heat transfer, C.E.S. COATING will keep buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

KILN SEAL is an asphalt based material which provides a tough, heat-holding film and long-lasting barrier against moisture and heat in lumber dry kilns. KILN SEAL is used to prevent the deterioration of dry kiln walls, ceilings and decking; to help ensure proper moisture level; to help maintain heat control. It is designed to be used over masonry, wood, and metal surfaces. .TRC metal wood and concrete coatings are excellent protective coatings for building maintenance

ALUMINUM KILN-SEAL is an asphalt based material which provides a tough, heat-holding film over masonry, metal or wood dry kilns, preventing the deterioration of these surfaces.
ALUMINUM KILN-SEAL contains a superior grade of specially processed asphalt and high grade aluminum flakes that provide extra long service life.

MAGI-MELT ICE MELTING COMPOUND in pellet form, generates its own heat on contact with ice and snow. Its melting action is speedy and effective. It is active down to -59?F. Ideal for use where hazardous ice and snow conditions threaten safety

WATERTIGHT Masonry Coating is highly effective in stopping the seepage of water through above or below ground masonry surfaces. It provides excellent protection for interior or exterior masonry walls, cement, brick, stucco, cinder block or stone.

RAIN SEAL is a water-repellent transparent coating which protects above ground masonry from the damaging effects of moisture. Its long-lasting formulation is economical and easy to use.