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TRC Industrial Cleaners for Every Application.

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MULTI-KLEAN is an excellent heavy-duty, all-purpose cleaner providing rapid grease and/or film removal, excellent surface wetting and easy rinsability. It is an anionic detergent which is free from strong alkaline ingredients, making it gentle on hands.

QUADRA-KLEAN is a liquid synthetic detergent concentrate designed for multi-purpose application. It cleans practically any surface - - from glass to greasy parts. It is highly alkaline for chemical "bite" to effectively remove the toughest dirts, grimes, oils and greases.

POWER CLEANSE is a waterless hand cleaner which is very effective at removing a wide variety of tough stains and dirt. It protects skin from drying and cracking while its pleasant scent helps eliminate offensive odors.

PRO-CLEAN CONCENTRATE is the answer to an urgent need for a concentrated, phosphate free industrial cleaner that is biodegradable - - and at the same time powerful but gentle, easy to use, versatile and economical.

ASPHALT CLEANING SOLVENT is designed for the removal of asphalt type soils, oil and grease soils, and paraffin. It can be used in combination with MULTI-KLEAN in emulsifier systems.

RUST REMOVER is specially formulated to remove the maximum amount of rust quickly and with minimum effort. It is a liquid wash-off type remover that reacts with oxides formed on metal surfaces to dissolve unsightly and destructive rust and leave the surface clean.

GREASE GOBBLER is a premium enzyme digestant that uses nature's own cleaning agents to rid grease traps and plumbing of grease accumulations. Fortified with lipase enzymes for extremely fast action on animal fats, grease and vegetable oils, GREASE GOBBLER safely removes clogs and controls odors naturally.

MAGI-MELT ICE MELTING COMPOUND in pellet form, generates its own heat on contact with ice and snow. Its melting action is speedy and effective. It is active down to -59?F. Ideal for use where hazardous ice and snow conditions threaten safety


RED HOT is a highly concentrated, water soluble, liquid detergent that quickly penetrates and disperses heavy industrial grime.